Are you an international student looking for ideas to make your upcoming summer vacations in Germany? You’re at the right place! I will take you through the list of things you should not miss doing while on a summer break in Germany.

It is true that Germany is one of the best European countries to study abroad. But did you know the country has a happening student life too? With plenty of scenic places to delicious traditional food recipes, Germany has a colourful culture that can make any international visitor curious, to say the least. As an international student, you can explore this beautiful country and its unique cultural customs during your summer break. Summer vacations for university students in the country last for about six to six and a half weeks, typically from mid-June to late July or late-June to early-September.

Let me talk about some fun and meaningful things you can do during Summer Vacations in Germany to get an experience of a lifetime.

1. Take a City or Country Tour

In terms of landscape and natural beauty, Germany is a rich place with mountains, rivers, and beaches. The beautiful landscapes and the vibrant culture draws a lot of tourist attraction in Germany. You can explore a little bit of everything while on your summer vacation in Germany. Some of the famous architecture in Germany include Frankfurt’s skyscrapers to Frankenstein’s Castle, the Upside-Down House, the historic Goseck Circle. For people who’re into art, the Kunsthofpassage Singing Drain Pipes is a popular and melodious artwork that will amaze you. You can also explore Germany’s coastlines and go for a fun beach trip.

2. Learn Cooking Some German Dishes

German cuisine includes a lot of meat and cheesy dishes. Learn cooking some of the iconic German recipes to take something with you when you leave the country. You can learn to make the Sauerbraten, which is basically beef marinated in vinegar and spices, served with potato dumplings on the side. Then comes the iconic Kartoffelkloesse, which are potato dumplings made with cooked potatoes, mashed and kneaded into balls and then boiled with salt thereafter. It is served with gravy that the potatoes soak up.

While in Germany, you should also learn some of the 1,500 different sausage recipes! You should definitely include the Bratwursts and Weisswursts. The quick and easy sausage recipes will also help you make a quick and fulfilling meal for yourself during your university days.

3. Brush Up On Your Language Skills

As a student, you might be looking for things to do in summer vacations in Germany that help you grow and skill-up. You can brush up on your German or English language skills while you still have spare time. This can help you understand your lectures better, make better local acquaintances, and can even help improve your future work prospects. Being fluent in the official language of the country can help you in many ways for networking better as well. You can also spend your time learning a new language altogether, or monetizing your existing language skills by offering paid language lessons.

4. Explore Work Opportunities

Did you know you can visit Germany on a job seeker visa? With this long-term visa, you can stay in the country for a period of six months, and look for a job. The eligibility for the job seeker visa depends on factors such as your nationality, qualifications, etc. If you pass the criteria, you can get a job in the country through this visa.

On the other hand, as a student enrolled in a German university, you can get an internship, or a part-time or even a full-time job during your Summer Vacations in Germany. Any internship will help you gain work experience in your chosen field, which can be helpful for your professional career. You can also make acquaintances that matter and help you grow as a person and a professional.

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5. Network with People

It is never not a bad time to network with people. Networking is especially important if you are someone who is studying in an international location and has plans of settling there in the future. As a student, you can attend events related to your field of interest, connect with local people online, and make worthy connections. Your connections can also help you explore the country and its customs better.

6. Create (and Film) Memories

Documenting your everyday routine in Germany through pictures and videos and then making a blog out of it can be a fun way to spend your summer Vacations in Germany. Keeping your memories from your study vacation in an international location on film will help you keeping your memories forever afresh. Even after years when you look back on the photos and videos, you will remember the beautiful time you spent in Germany.

With So Much To Do, What Should You Start With?

Start with anything you think will help you make the most out of your summer vacations in Germany as a student. It is true that there is a lot you can take up and explore but remember not to overwhelm yourself. After all, the country will still be a foreign location for you. At the same time, being located in one of the best European countries to study abroad for some months can give you the exciting opportunity to make the country your new home. So, start small but explore as much as you can. And remember to network, network, and network whenever you get the chance!