Germany is a country that has different climates. Every climatic extreme may be found there, and surviving the German Winter Season might be difficult under such circumstances. So, to help you out we have come up with a guide. This will ensure that you are well prepared to survive through German winter season.

Before we begin an in-depth guide of how you navigate winter in a country like Germany as an international student. It is advised that you connect with experts on a platform like Udrus to be more prepared for the season. From the right accommodation to everything that you need to have a bearable season, you get it all and more right from the experts who have helped countless others before you thrive and not just survive.

Here Are Some Tips To Survive In First German Winter

1. Get the Right Clothes

Yes, the weather is bad, there is not much you can do about that. But you can, however, get the right clothes to make it a little more comfortable for yourself. You need to move beyond the standard coats. What you truly need is to invest in some great, proper waterproof shoes (you’ll understand this better when the snow turns to sludge). Apart from this also get some fleece jumpers, gloves, scarves, and hats to insulate yourself a lot better.

Pro Tip: Thermal underwear is magical in times like these, so grab a couple of those as well.

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2. Get Your Vitamins In Order

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient required by our body to function optimally. Usually, we get enough of it thanks to the sun. But in the German winter, it is a little tough to find the sunshine. Winter days are kind of grey here. Since it is unlikely that you would go for a winter getaway in the middle of the session, you need to ensure you are taking enough supplemental vitamins.

You can even invest in SAD light also known as a “light therapy box”. This box uses a blue or white light to replicate sunshine and get your body the nutrients it requires.

3. Get GemĂĽtlich

Now, as much as I would like to translate this word for you, it is actually famously untranslatable. I can tell you the closest English meaning which is coziness. But ask any local and they will tell you that it is so much more.

Considering how bleak the skies look on the outside of the house, what you need to do is get the inside of your house nice and cozy.. Create an atmosphere that you would love to stay in. Get some red wine or tea and enjoy these winter months.

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4. Indulge in the Activities

Now that you are already in Germany, enjoy some of the activities that you might not be able to enjoy back in your homeland. These include ice skating, snowball fights, skiing, a walk through the woodlands, or even a trip to the local spa or sauna.

Germany has a number of public baths, any of which you can make your way to have a great experience.

5. Try Baking

As you keep moving towards the long German winter days you will find that the nights are getting longer and in such a case taking up a hobby like baking from the comfort of your house is a bright idea.

6. Get Moving

Taking care of yourself is important during the German winters. The urge to stay bundled up and remain indoors might be strong but it is important that you do move around at least a little bit. Sports are a great way to beat the weather. But if you are someone who is not into sports, just a simple walk once a day is enough to get your body acclimatized to the cold.

7. Stick To You Routine!

One of the most important things to remember during the winter is that you need to follow a routine or the winter blues will definitely engulf you. The urge to sleep through the day might be strong but your urge to do right by yourself needs to be stronger.

Hope these tips do help make your first winter in Germany a little more bearable. No matter how bad everything gets and gloomy you seem to feel the days are, always remember that they will eventually come to an end.