One of the toughest decisions that a student has to make in life is the institution he or she chooses to study abroad. The reason behind it is not one but an unending loop of reasons from tuition fees, financial resources, quality of education, campus amenities, and much more to mention. Every student has one concern, that if they pay for abroad studies, then it should serve them with a world-class education, an internationally recognized degree, and brilliant job opportunities globally. In this article, you can have a look at the top 5 destinations for Egyptian students to pursue their higher studies.

Benefits of studying abroad

If you reap the best, then you must plan to sow. Leverage the benefits of abroad studies in the best locations that have witnessed years of experience in catering to the needs of international students who wish to pursue their preferred course programs with excelling chances of career approaches in a distant university. Make your dream of studying in a multicultural environment imbibed with a credible faculty crew preparing you with state-of-the-art hands-on experienced learning in any of the below-mentioned top destinations for Egyptian Students.

Top destinations for Egyptian Students to Study Abroad

Among many countries that perform a versatile role in educating its international students annually, we have brought the top 5 destinations under limelight so that it becomes easier for you to make the best choice in terms of fees structure, program modules, environment preference, and other factors that may fall under your imperative concerns.

1. Germany: Acting as the magnet to both studying enthusiasts and working professionals, Germany is among the top Destinations for Egyptian Students to Pursue Higher Studies. From having a strengthened economic backdrop and historical legacy, this place has been acting wonders in bringing the dreams of students to come alive.  Not only is Germany the home to multiple cultures, but it has gained momentum in offering awe-inspiring job opportunities and effective healthcare systems to its students at the most affordable costs.

  • Affordable tuition fees: According to a survey, minimal to least tuition cost universities were cited by 35.3 percent of potential foreign students in Germany as the main motivation for attending higher education in Germany. Numerous universities rank in the country with a majority of public universities (429) that curb the stress of tuition fees on the overseas students and equally wonderful private universities with top-notch facilities.
  • Top-class education quality: The faculty is extremely talented and diverse in their approach towards imparting quality education to international students. The learning involves state-of-the-art academics that is not restricted to theoretical knowledge but run parallel with the industry demands and out-of-the-box challenges.
  • Multiple course programs: What is better than choices? The universities in Germany offer multiple choices on the subject matter you can choose. From management to engineering courses, you can excel with Humanities and or other vocational courses taught by the most experienced specialists.
  • Globally recognized degrees: Once you qualify from any of the German universities, your degree will be recognized across Europe with the scope of creating amazing job exposures for you. You can pursue both studies and work throughout your degree (20 hours in a week) and even after studies completion.

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2. Australia: Australia is not limited to biodiversity enriched with flora and fauna, but surprising experiences for international students that count in a unique education style, and fantastic lifestyle post-study.

  • Globally recognized degrees: Because of the remarkable international reputation of the Australian education system, graduates from Australian schools are in high demand. The government actively regulates this system to ensure that the country’s excellent educational standards are maintained.
  • Affordability is the key: Australia has one of the best living standards in the world. In Australia, living expenses and tuition fees are substantially lower than in the countries where international students choose to study namely, the United States and the United Kingdom, and/or Germany. International students can work part-time while studying to help pay for their living expenses. Scholarships are also available, which help international students cut the expenditure of their studies.
  • Technology equipped: Another reason why overseas students find Australia an extremely attractive place to study is the emphasis on scientific research that can be counted as Australia’s most intriguing feature for international students. Australia is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. Students studying in Australia can benefit from the country’s cutting-edge technologies and services.
  • Working opportunities: Almost all the universities in Australia believe in offering students with the experience of practical experience. Thus, the students who want to fund their sustenance or scoop out experience are allowed to work for 20 hours a week while studying in the top universities of Australia.
  • English-taught courses: As Australian schools provide a diverse range of courses and degrees, international students can easily find the school and field that is right for them. When choosing a degree program, international students must first choose which university best meets their needs and interests. Students can choose between university, vocational education, and English-taught courses after they have got their English language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL. If necessary, students can simply swap from one qualification level to another, as well as from one institution to another.

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3.The UK: Who does not talk about the United Kingdom? Almost every alternative student would talk about life in England and the quality of academics that are offered by the sovereign faculty members.

  • Academics at its best: Undoubtedly, UK universities are known to be the most proficient in the world. If you choose any of the public or private universities in the UK, then you will count on the best-ranking academics that get your hands on the practice of information that is both practical and useful. Students develop their expertise in qualitative research, functional operations, and much more beyond classrooms. The courses under the UK education system are shorter which means you will pursue degrees at the soonest maybe in a year.
  • Ample Scholarships: You need not stress upon bearing lofty tuition expenditures as there are innumerable Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans in the UK that students get to leverage.
  • Exponential health benefits: The United Kingdom has the best healthcare systems for its international students offered through the National Health Service (NHS) where the only cost you ought to bear is paying a little International Health Surcharge (IHS).

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4.Canada: Canada has been one of the most sought-after countries that students reach out to study abroad for any of their chosen disciplines. It has been more than a decade now that the country has been rising high in offering education under both public and private universities with a perfect balance of theoretical and practical learning that is tech-equipped.

  • Education quality: You have a wide variety of choices when you have to select among the many universities offering excellent academics in Canada. Holding global recognition, Canada offers degrees in engineering, IT, healthcare, agriculture, sports, management, accounting, economics, mining, petroleum, renewable energies, literature, project management, and much more.
  • Quality living: Being one of the top locations to hold ranks in offering a clean and safe environment to international students in terms of clean air, clean water, and lower population/competition, sense of space, healthcare, good education infrastructure, and much more, this place welcomes cultures from several countries giving rise to an amazing social atmosphere and rich cultural experience.
  • Three intakes: The best thing about Canada is the number of intakes it has offered. From the fall intake in September, to winter in January, and summer intake in April or May, you get a lot of time to think and get going with the intake that suits you the best in terms of visa application, language proficiency exams, availability post-relocation and so on.
  • Grants and scholarships: One of the main reasons for Canada’s popularity among students is its access to high-quality education at an inexpensive price. The Canadian government invests heavily in higher education, ranking in the top three countries in terms of post-secondary education spending per capita.

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5. New Zealand: Apart from being an extremely beautiful country to witness in terms of geography, it is also known as one of the most sought-after destinations to study abroad for its ample research and job opportunities opening doors to multiple career-friendly scopes.

  • Globally recognized courses: Almost all the universities in New Zealand hold top ranks in offering quality academics with their certifications holding global significance. The institutions boast of laboratories, state-of-the-art research and development methods, healthcare quality, and specializing in an array of disciplines such as physics, geology, engineering, astronomy, computer science, agriculture, and so on.
  • Quality of student life: With a multi-cultural atmosphere with snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, green hills, golden beaches, dense forests, and the foremost safe environs. The country is peaceful and serene as it follows the prerogative of Kiwi democracy balancing both social and political stability.
  • Grants for studies: A scholarship is an excellent way to reduce the costs of education and living. You may not need to search for a job if you receive a scholarship, giving you more time to focus on your studies. International students can apply for a variety of scholarships.

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Thus, after witnessing the aforementioned reasons for studying outside Egypt, it would be easier for you to take your best foot forward towards choosing the right country for your higher educational degree. If you have any further queries, connect with Udrus for expert counselling sessions.