We all are familiar with the havoc that the deadly and infectious Coronavirus disease has been spreading since the year 2020. Everyone in the world has been directly or indirectly affected by this disease and suffered from the consequences of prolonged lock-downs.

Even today, after a lot of people around the world have been vaccinated, the disease continues to haunt. Although only vaccinated people can travel countries, the new strain of the virus is still getting to people. The only way to combat the disease is to stay prepared and take all necessary precautions to contain the spread of the virus. Doing so is a bigger challenge to those who have to move abroad than others. Staying safe in a new country can be too much of a challenge. Therefore, people travelling abroad have to keep special considerations in mind. Along with taking all precautionary measures, they also have to prepare mentally and financially to face any kind of adversity.

Today, there’s one prerequisite that comes with travelling abroad for every person – getting coronavirus health insurance coverage. For international students who are not yet earning, getting a good insurance plan is all the more necessary. Because dealing with coronavirus at a new place can be a nightmare.

If you’re an international student, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about covid health insurance that you must go through before moving abroad

Here’s some of the Questions International Students might have about Coronavirus Health Insurance:

1. Does health insurance include coverage for coronavirus expenses?

Yes, your health insurance plan must cover coronavirus disease expenses. Make sure to choose an insurance provider that provides this facility. Public health insurance providers mostly cover covid charges in their policy. If your insurance provider is a private one, go through the whole documents and ask specifically if the insurance plan you are buying offers coverage for coronavirus.

2. Does the insurance plan cover self-isolation costs?

Isolating yourself is not a medical expense. So, no public or private health insurance provider will cover your quarantine costs. However, if you are quarantining after you catch covid and test positive for it, the health insurance should cover your costs. Talk about the same with your insurance provider before choosing a health insurance plan.

3. Do insurance plans cover covid prevention costs?

No, insurance plans will not pay for your precautionary measures such as gloves, face masks, etc. The cost for preventive or protective gear is not a medical expense. So, you would have to cover for your protective gears yourself. Note that investing in quality preventive gear and using it religiously can potentially save you a lot of money. So, practice social distancing and use your masks and sanitizers.

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4. Can I postpone or cancel my health insurance plan?

Although you cannot postpone or cancel your health insurance plan normally, health insurance providers will allow you to do so in case you have to alter your moving abroad plan because of the following reasons:

  • You catch covid
  • Covid restrictions don’t allow you to travel

Remember to contact your insurance provider in time to discuss the same.

5. Do insurance plans cover repatriation costs? if I catch covid-19 and get sent back to my home country?

If you’re wondering if your insurance plan will cover repatriation costs in case you catch covid and get sent back to your home country, we’ll tell you the answer – no. No health insurance provider covers your repatriation costs. As repatriation requires isolated transportation in a bio-hazard unit, which is not a medical expense, most health insurance providers will not provide coverage for the same. You can still confirm the same with your insurance provider.

6. Will student health insurance cover all my costs?

Vaccines and covid medications can be a costly affair and student health insurance providers sometimes do not include coronavirus coverage in the insurance package. Be very sure to read the policies, details of the package thoroughly and get good insurance coverage for the same.

In case you get covid, getting the medicines, etc. and isolating yourself at a safe and hygienic place is important and can cost a lot. For those with severe cases, paying medical bills at the hospital in a foreign country can be a greater burden. If you’re unsure if your student health insurance will cover sufficiently for coronavirus expenses, talk to your provider. You can also alternatively get a general health insurance cover specifically to meet the costs for this type of expense.

7. What if my health insurance plan expires before I leave the country?

If you’re worried your health insurance plan will expire before you get to leave the country because of covid, the best thing to do would be to extend your health insurance. Extend it by a few months before your time comes to leave the country. This will keep you sure and safe.

Check with your health insurance provider if they offer the facility of extending the insurance plan. If they don’t, get insurance from a provider that does. You will easily find many public and private insurance providers that allow this option.