As an international student aspiring to work abroad and study in top European universities , you would want the best possible education and work standards for yourself. Pursuing international education is an investment that pays off well if done right. It is important to take time, do your research in order to make the right decision, and choose the right institution for yourself because the name of the institution is going to stay associated with you post that forever. It will also affect future job opportunities and can lead you to life-changing opportunities.

The European standard of higher education is envied by many countries outside of the EU. The continent has a separate European Education Area that supports the EU member states to provide world-class education with a strong focus on global relations. What this means for an international student like you who is going to pursue education abroad in Europe is that you will most likely get commendable degrees from impressive institutions. Moreover, there are many countries in Europe that are student-friendly and have affordable tuition for international students and also a high standard of living.

In this blog, we have covered some of the institutions across Europe that are coveted for their standard of education. The following institutions are also consistently recurring names in the list of top world universities curated by renowned sources. For this blog, we have listed the top global universities in Europe according to US News Rankings for 2022.

Top European Universities to Study and Work for International Students

1. University of Oxford

University of Oxford is the current world #1 institution in Europe according to US News rankings. Established in 1096 in the historic city of Oxford in the United Kingdom, this prestigious university is the world’s second-oldest university in non-stop operation. Oxford’s legacy as a highly regarded educational institution is not new, and the university has been imparting the best education in diverse fields of study. The alumni of Oxford include 72 Nobel Laureates, 28 Prime Ministers of the UK, 160 Olympic medalists, and many more successful names.

While at Oxford, you can take up part-time jobs to earn some extra bucks and meet your financial needs. However, the curriculum at Oxford is extremely rigorous and the university advises students to spend most of their time studying. After completion of studies, you can get great work opportunities as Oxford graduates are employed by leading industries across the world. To find out more about the university and its programs, you can follow this link.

2. University of Cambridge

Established in Cambridge, United Kingdom in the year 1209, University of Cambridge leads in providing quality education and a resourceful environment to budding academics. This vast university comprises 31 semi-autonomous colleges and over 150 academic departments and faculties. University of Cambridge also has over 100 libraries with around 16 million books in total.

The university does not have any restrictions for students who wish to work part-time. However, it is expected on the behalf of the university that the students do not work part-time while pursuing their degree at Cambridge. This is because the university wants to ensure the students devote most of their time to their academics for bright future opportunities. But legally speaking, students can still work, if they wish. Find more information about this prestigious university here.

3. University College London

University College London is located in London, United Kingdom, and enrolls the second-largest number of students in the country. UCL has 11 constituent faculties in total with over 200 different departments and institutes about which you can read here. It is a research-intensive university and part of what is known as the “golden-triangle” universities in South East England. The university provides amazing opportunities to students in academics as well as professional areas post-completion of studies.

University College London has an organization, Job Shop, that assists the students in finding part-time work opportunities. Although the university suggests the students do not work during their study program, it also extends its supports to students seeking flexible work options to support themselves financially.

4. Imperial College London 

Imperial College London was founded in 1907 in London, United Kingdom. The college offers highly regarded programs in science, technology, business, and medicine. This college has a strong international community within the campus and around 59% of the students at Imperial College London come from 140 different countries. The alumni from this prestigious school include 14 Nobel Laureates, along with many other successful famous personalities.

Students studying at Imperial College London can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. The college does not offer on-campus jobs but opens up plenty of work opportunities for graduates once their degree is complete. To get to know more about Imperial College London and the opportunities it offers, you can visit their website.

5. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Switzerland is the second-best location in Europe for higher education for international students. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and is among the best universities in the country. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level programs. This university offers a wide range of courses and promotes critical thinking, interactive learning, and public speaking in students. While studying in this university, you can work up to 20 hours a week part-time.

This higher education institution has a great reputation in the academic world. Students from around the world come here to study its highly regarded study programs. Currently, the number of international students at this university is over 20,000, who come from 120 different countries. Get to know more about this institution here.

Part-Time Work Opportunities for Students in Europe

As a student in Europe, you will find a number of part-time work opportunities that you can pursue while you study for your degree. There are some common part-time roles that students pick up that are easy to fulfill and pay well. Let us give you an overview of the same:

1. Teaching

Teaching jobs are quite popular with students who study abroad. Within this job profile, there are so many prospects that you can experience. You can –

  • Teach at universities – Teach as an Assistant Professor, become a Research Assistant, or teach your peers.
  • Teach online – Online teaching jobs are also an option for people who want to find opportunities in teaching.
  • Teach a language – The demand for language teaching (especially English) is high in foreign countries. If you are good at a language, you can capitalize on your skills.

Students who are studying at the Master’s level generally go for teaching jobs as they do not require too much physical labour, and pay well, as opposed to other types of jobs.

2. Support Staff

This is the most popular job profile with undergraduate students pursuing their degrees abroad. Students can earn well doing support staff jobs in most European countries. As a support staff, you can work at restaurants, malls, retail in the role of:

  • Cashier
  • Assistants
  • Fast-food station managers/assemblers
  • House help

3. Babysitting

Babysitting/Nanny jobs are also common in European countries. Most people pay by the hour for these jobs. This job role is easy to perform and does not require a lot of physical labour. There is also no long-term commitment in babysitting jobs.

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4. Online Jobs

If you have skills beyond or related to academics, you can do online jobs based on your skill while studying at a university abroad. Freelancing is also a good option for students as it gives them the opportunity to be in charge of the amount of work that they do.

5. Internships

Internships are a great way to earn money while working in the field of your interest. University students must try to do internships to build the skills necessary for their eventual venture into the professional world. Many universities provide assistance every step of the way to students looking for internship opportunities. Universities also conduct internship fairs, etc. in partnership with companies to open up part-time work opportunities for students.

Let’s Sum Up What We’ve Learned So Far…

Europe indeed has amazing opportunities for young academic aspirants who plan to study and work abroad. The countries in the continent have a great history, diverse culture, natural scenic beauty, and the best educational institutions in the world. With the biggest multinational companies in tech, finance, and other industries rooted in Europe, students can get the experience and opportunities of a lifetime here on this continent of amazing possibilities.