Best Universities to transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine

Want to Transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine? Anyone can change a decision to pursue a particular course. If you are a biomedical student with a dream to become a doctor, and people tell you that it is impossible then let us clear that misconception for you! Yes, you can shift from biomedical science to medicine field. The change is possible both after and before you acquire your biomedical degree. Often students are not aware of the transition and pursue a degree that they find uninteresting. To help out, we have gathered all the different possibilities under which you can apply for a transfer. Here we will answer all your queries about the transfer process from biomedical science to medicine-

What exactly is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical Science covers a wide range of knowledge covering scientific study of chemistry and biology to help understand health care better. Also known as biomedicine, the course structure for both courses are the same however, different universities offer the course in different ways. The Biomedicine Undergraduate course covers a wide range of disciplines. Here’s the curriculum of a biomedical degree-

  • Microbiology
  • Bio-engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Genetics
  • Human anatomy
  • Physiology

Why do many students prefer to transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine?

Many students prefer to change the stream sooner or later as many students prefer to become doctors. At Udrus we offer students the best options and tailored solutions to study medicine.

There are many students who prefer to complete their biomedical degrees and then pursue a medicine degree. Students can apply for graduate entry medicine which is a 4-year accelerated medical program or for transfer schemes run by various universities. This helps students to avoid wasting extra years and kick-start the medical career right away after graduation.

However, if you are not planning to complete your biomedical Science degree, you can opt for the direct transfer to any medicine course in any country. 

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Opting to transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine Sciences

It’s hard to transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine in the United Kingdom whereas universities in Europe are more flexible to let students change their career path and offer various alternatives. If you opt for universities in Europe, you will get exemption from studying the same exam you have sat for during your biomedical degree.

There’s more- you can apply in the exact year you are currently enrolled in! Like if you are in the second year of the biomedical science program, you can enroll in the 3rd year directly in the medicine course so you won’t have to extend the duration of your course! These courses will save your time and will get a degree in the same time as your biomedical degree will be accounted for as well.

What program can you apply for to obtain a medicine degree?

If you are planning to switch from biomedical science to medicine degree then you can apply for a graduate entry medicine program or any dentistry program in various universities. The 4 year accelerated program is a pathway program for students aiming to complete the medicine degree in a recorded time. There are transfer schemes which allow students to transfer to medical programs.The traditional medicine course is 6 year long whereas a graduate entry medicine course only lasts for four years only. The course makes students eligible to serve as a doctor.

To be eligible to study medicine degree in Europe after biomedical sciences, you’ll have to present transcripts of your previous educational degrees. You will have to get your degrees, credits and study hours evaluated according to the university standards so you can avail exemption from the study hours and subjects you have already pursued. This will increase the further duration of your medicine degree. If you are finding all this information overwhelming and need further guidance, connect with experts at Udrus and get tailored solutions to all your questions.

Universities where you can apply to transfer from Biomedical Science to Medicine degree

Here are some of the best universities where you can apply if you want to transfer from your biomedical Science to medicine degree. All these universities are recognized by the World Health Organization and are also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

1. University of Bradford

The University of Bradford has a scheme which lets students transfer from a biomedical science to medicine degree at the School of Medicine in University of Leeds. Every year the scheme allows 20 students who have completed at least 1 year of the clinical science course at university of Bradford. Though there are strict academic criteria s you’ll have to meet! Though in the foundation year, you’ll be judged on your performance as well, so ensure to maintain that as well.

The 1st year of clinical sciences course at the University of Bradford is accredited by the GMC (General Medical Council) and is equivalent to studying at least one year 1 medicine. Upon completing the foundation year of Clinical Sciences course, the students can also apply for University of Sheffield as well. You can also try to transfer to Sussex Medical School, Hull York Medical School and others too.

2. Anglia Ruskin University

The transfer scheme at Anglia Ruskin University is for the students who have completed the first year of BSc Medical Science program or BSc Biomedical Science program. The scores have to be of high standards. Though the scheme is highly competitive and there’s no guarantee you might get a chance as every year thousands of students apply for the scheme. As an applicant you will have to apply through UCAS. Here’s the eligibility criteria-

  • Average 75% in the first year of your course
  • More than 65% in every module of your course
  • Current UCAT score evidence

3. Cardiff University

There are multiple seats available in Cardiff University for all the students who are completing a three year course from any recognized college. In case a student is successful, to get a transfer to the second year of the 5-year UG medicine course after you complete the 3-year BSc.

The transfer scheme is open to all the students graduation with any of these degrees-

  1. BMedSci Degree from University of Bangor
  2. Bachelor of Science (Honors) Medical Degree from University of South Wales
  3. Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Medical Pharmacology Degree from the School of Medicine, Cardiff University
  4. Bachelor of Science (Honors)  from School of Bio-sciences, Cardiff University

Also, you’ll have to sit for the GAMSAT exam before applying for the transfer via UCAS. Connect with experts at Udrus today and understand the process from our experts and get support throughout your journey.

4. University of Leicester

The transfer scheme here has just begun so the competition is really fierce. The transfer scheme is for the students who are currently pursuing these degrees-

  1. Bachelor of Science in Medical Genetics
  2. Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology
  3. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  4. Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
  5. Bachelor of Science in Physiology

Here are the requirements to meet in case you are applying for the transfer in the 1st year of any medicine course at University of Leicester-

  • A grades in all the subjects including chemistry
  • Excellent scores in the 1st year of Biomedical degree
  • Showcase your commitment towards medicine
  • UCAT score is mandatory

Apart from these universities transfer schemes, you can apply for Graduate Entry Medicine program at the other universities. Here are few-

Dnipro Medical Institute, Ukraine

Established in 1993, the Dnipro Institute offers the 4 year graduate medicine entry program. The non-profit university offers the program with affordable tuition fees. Every year thousands of students apply for the graduate entry medicine program at Dnipro Medical Institute. The programs are offered in English language. The institute accepts students who are pursuing a biomedical science degree. Here are the requirements you’ll have to meet-

-A level in your Biomedical science degree

-Transcripts of your previous scores

-English language proficiency proof

Apart from these universities, here’s a little of few more universities that accept transfer students-

  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland
  • Sofia Medical University
  • Medical University of Lodz
  • Silesia University of Medicine in Poland
  • University of Brighton
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Newcastle University
  • University of London