“Do I need travel insurance in Germany?” is becoming the most popular question among the general public. Every day, fresh faces, whether students, tourists, or entrepreneurs, arrive in Germany. Every German resident (citizen or expatriate) is supposed to have valid travel insurance.

  1. You will be asked to produce your travel health insurance before you depart for Germany from your home country.
  2. Your visa application and residence permit depend on valid travel health insurance.
  3. It also depends on the duration you decide to stay in the country and the embassy you choose for your visa and residence permit.

Why Do You Need German Travel Insurance?

There are ample reasons why people travel to Germany. Being a dream country for students and job enthusiasts, Germany has a set of eligibility criteria one needs to undergo before stepping into the country.

Germany is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, yet insurance becomes a mandatory requirement because life is unpredictable and so are circumstances surrounding us.

This is where travel insurance comes into place. Germany travel insurance, similar to health insurance, assures you of medical emergencies during your stay in the country. The valid travel insurance’s minimum coverage is €30,000 and there is no limit for maximal coverage.

German Travel Insurance is as important as German Health Insurance by law, as every resident must acquire it to continue their stay in the country with sufficient insured medical coverage.

Unless this is issued, no visa application or residence permit is approved and validated by the German Embassy for students/ex-pats/tourists/job enthusiasts.

While you are in your home country, you are expected to apply for a visa and residence permit relocating for studies. You ought to select any of the public or private German travel and health insurance.

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What Does Travel Insurance in Germany Include?

Germany has the best healthcare system in the world due to which it is also affordable for the residents to accrue healthcare. Without the need to pay unbearable amounts for emergency medical care, you must leverage the benefits of having travel health insurance.

Lastly, you will be able to enter the Schengen area through a country that will ask you to produce your travel insurance at the port of entry.

Your German travel health insurance will include a minimum coverage of at least €30,000, covering all other Schengen Area countries. It must cover the duration of your stay in Germany, followed by any unexpected medical emergencies (if any).

Travel health insurance includes medical treatment for regular check-ups, health emergencies, surgery, prescription drugs, and hospitalization.

Also, if your trip gets canceled or obstructed for any reason, your lost expenses will be compensated or reimbursed, depending entirely on the travel health insurance plan you choose.

Thus, the Travel Insurance in Germany covers a fully comprehensive medical insurance program that includes outpatient and inpatient medical treatment, medications, dressings, medical devices, return transport of ill insured persons to their home countries, repatriation fees, and 24-hour emergency services.

How To Get Best Travel Insurance in Germany?

At Udrus, you not only gain access to the easiest admission methods to get into your favourite university in Germany, but also make it easy for you to access a blocked German account with a spectrum of plans offering travel health insurance entirely free of cost, in association with dROP MONEY.

dROP MONEY is the German Government acclaimed provider of blocked German accounts that gives you the pathway to studying easily in Germany with any of your preferred courses to pursue higher degrees (Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD.). The coverage amount of insurance depends on the plan you choose and the duration of your stay in Germany.

Which Health Travel Insurance To Choose?

Make a decisive choice while choosing your health travel insurance. Select the plan that complies with all requirements for German visas. It is suitable for both guests and hosts. It provides online results and immediate confirmation.