dROP MONEY allows you to have your secured and smartest blocked account for study in Germany, in the easiest fashion. There are millions of students who are likely to study abroad to excel in their careers, in any of their chosen programs. Similarly, students also aspire to walk into the Top German Universities for their higher degrees, whether it is Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. in any of their preferred disciplines, for a specific duration.

Depending on the duration of their program, they require a blocked account that would act as their proof of financial resources to allow them a stay throughout the study program. From allowing visa application ease to residence permit, the blocked account makes students eligible for their German stay without any obligations. There are certain rules attached with the withdrawal amount and blocked account deposit that you will further learn below while reading the blog.

What Is A Blocked Account?

A blocked account or Sperrkonto is a special bank account with which you can prove your financial capability of surviving in Germany.

Any student who aspires to study in Germany must mandatory have a blocked account to show as evidence of their financial resources.

It is desirable that a blocked account must have a certain value of a minimum €10,332 (although the amount varies depending on the duration of the program).

A blocked account has a limit of the money that can be withdrawn by the students, from the time it is validated or comes into effect.

The current amount that students can withdraw monthly equals €861 (effective from 1 January’ 2021)

What is dROP MONEY?

All the aspiring students who look forward to flourishing their careers by taking their best foot forward to the best education at one of the top German Institutes, then dROP MONEY allows you access to a 100 percent trusted and accredited blocked account that can help you showcase your financial resources for a German visa while getting easy health insurance as well. dROP MONEY is a full-fledged digital service that offers a plethora of blocked account packages from Blue, Gold to Platinum. Along with this, you will get amazing benefits like travel and health insurance along with a free Revolut Current Account.

How Does dROP MONEY Help You?

  • With dROP MONEY, it is easier for you to gain access to 100% secured funds.
  • dROP MONEY is authorized by the German Federal Foreign Office.
  • Makes your German Visa Application easily accessible.
  • Documents for opening a blocked account

How to choose the perfect blocked account for your German Visa Application?

dROP MONEY has special offers on the spectrum of German blocked accounts for your German visa applications. Choosing the right Blocked Account, depending on the duration of the course program. There are a lot of reasons why people require a blocked account. From visiting your family abroad, and short or long-term study programs to job seeking and visa extension to a longer period.

dROP MONEY has multiple options in the form of a blocked account package, designed keeping in mind the requisites of the applicants pertaining to their immigration protocols.

What Are The Blocked Account Packages At dROP MONEY?

There are packages for the language students going to Germany who pursue a course for a year. For them, the Blue packages are the most suitable for a piece of financial evidence for your visa application. The basic blocked account gets validated within 3 working days with a 30-day German travel insurance policy that you can also convert into Private Health Insurance, which is absolutely free. Not only this, but you also get a Revolut Current Account absolutely free of cost, with dROP MONEY Blue, which is digital with a debit card delivered at your doorstep in Germany, without the need to visit anywhere.

Also, if you are applying for a job or planning a family reunion visa, then the Blue Blocked Account at dROP MONEY will allow you simple and flexible documentation for a duration of 1 to 12 months, depending on the requirements of the visa or its extension. Along with that, you will be able to access the Free Travel Insurance and Free Revolut Current Account.

Gold Blocked Account has everything that you need to pursue a Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD. for any of the preferred programs. dROP MONEY Gold brings you free travel insurance, free ISIC card for the entire duration of your course. With the aforementioned benefits, you will also gain access to Public Health Insurance from BARMER or TK and Private Health Insurance from Mawista-Allianz. The Gold Blocked Account also offers a free current account with Revolut where you have the eligibility of opening a Revolut account for free, right from the comfort of your home, digitally. Your debit card also gets delivered to your German residence without making you run errands!

dROP MONEY Platinum Account has everything that dROP MONEY Gold offers. It has private liability insurance of 50 million euros, which is absolutely free of costs. Also, it covers all the damage pertaining to theft to accidents to ease your stay in Germany without worrying about huge financial drains, which may occur suddenly.

How should you apply for a visa extension with dROP MONEY?

If you are willing to extend your visa or residence permit while showing a piece of evidence of your financial resources altogether, then dROP MONEY Blocked Account Renew simplifies the visa extension for you. The only thing that is expected from you is valid financial evidence in the form of salary/fixed deposit or a scholarship to assist you to renew your dROP MONEY Blocked Account for an amount as low as 1 euro for either 1 or 12 months as long as 24 months. It is the most affordable, easiest, and fastest way to renew your Blocked Account with dROP MONEY.