University in Spain is one of the most important universities all across the world. Spain has a long history of the higher education system, with the oldest universities in Europe.

So, choosing to study abroad at Spanish universities is an important decision in your life. Let’s discuss together in this article which is the best university in Spain and how to study in Spain university?

The top universities in Spain

Taking a leap to study abroad especially in Spanish universities, is an excellent idea. Regardless of the field you are interested in, you need to know which of its universities are the best for you.

We will explore together which is the best university in Spain:

1- University of Barcelona

University of Spain

It is the most popular university in spain and the oldest. It was founded in 1450 and is located in Catalonia, Barcelona. In addition, it is considered one of the top universities in spain, it contains 106 departments and has the biggest university library in Spain.

the UB comprises 100 departments grouped in 18 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Geography and History
  2. Faculty of Biology
  3. Faculty of Education
  4. Faculty of law
  5. Faculty of Pharmacy
  6. Faculty of Physics
  7. Faculty of psychology
  8. Faculty of Economics and Business
  9.  Faculty of Chemistry
  10. Faculty of fine arts
  11. Faculty of Dentistry
  12. Faculty of Philosophy
  13. Faculty of philology
  14. Faculty of Mathematics
  15. Faculty of library

2- IESE Business School – Barcelona

Studying at the University of Barcelona is one of the privileges that enhance your CV to find a job in a prestigious compainy. For those who are seeking to study in business school, IESE Business School is the best choice.

It was established in Barcelona in 1958 and formed an alliance with Harvard Business School. IESE MBA program has campuses in São Paulo, Madrid, New York, Munich, and Barcelona. 

IESE Business School contains many programs:

  1. MBA
  2. General Management Programs
  3. Global Executive MBA
  4. Public Leadership & Government Programs
  5. Master in Management (MiM)
  6. PhD Program
  7. Focused Programs
  8. Public Leadership & Government Programs

3- Autonomous University– Madrid

Autonomous University is ranked as the top university in Spain according to the world’s top 300 universities. It was founded in 1968 and it is located 15 km north of Madrid.

UAM is aimed at providing a quality environment for its students and it has developed laboratories, library buildings and IT rooms at all its centers.

The UAM university held faculties of:

  1. Faculty of Philosophy
  2. Faculty of Business management
  3. Faculty of Law
  4. Faculty of Sciences
  5. Faculty of Economics Science
  6. Faculty of medicine
  7. Faculty of engineering
  8. Faculty of Teacher training school.

4- University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is one of the best universities in Spain that was founded in 1952, located on the southeast border of Pamplona, Spain. This university is a private research university and it is funded by Opus Dei.

UNAV has been ranked as the best private university in Spain and it has six campuses (New York City, San Sebastián, Barcelona, Munich, Madrid, and Pamplona).

The UNAV university is an active member in the international programs aimed at the academic exchange of students from all over the world.

The University of Navarra has four main campuses:

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2. IESE Business School
  3. Faculty of law
  4. Faculty of Economics

The advantages of studying in Spain universities

university in Spain is one of the most famous studying abroad destinations in the world, depended on many excellent reasons for making Spain a good destination for the international students:

  1. Learning the Spanish language

    The Spanish language is considered one of the most popular languages and it is highly requested in the job markets. The Spanish language is so easy to follow the grammar rules. Also, Spanish can be a powerful tool in your future career.

  2. High-quality education

    University in Spain is ranked 11th in the world for higher education system strength, there are many colleges in Spain that teach different subjects such as business, management, computer science technology, and engineering.

  3. Spanish cultural immersion

    Cultural immersion is one of the benefits of studying abroad, Spain is a great place to get to know different cultures because it contains different races and religions.

  4. Developed infrastructure

    Universities in Spain contain development laboratories of innovative research, multi-story libraries, areas for self-study in the open air, and equipped with development technology auditoriums.

  5. Bilingual education

    Most of the colleges in Spain offer courses in both Spanish and English. So, that gives a great opportunity to master the subjects in the two most spoken languages in the world.

Frequently asked questions about university in Spain

  1. Do universities in spain teach in English?

    Many higher education colleges in Spain offer courses and programs taught in both languages (English and Spanish). Also, some Spanish universities offer for their international students some Spanish courses to practice and skill Spanish very well before beginning their studies.

  2. How to apply to a university in Spain?

    There are some important steps in applying for admission to follow:

    • Select the city where you want to study in.
    • Check the list of universities and their program offerings.
    • Check the list of required documents
    • Sending the application to the selected university.
    • Having acceptance from the university
    • Start to apply for the Spanish student visa.
  3.  How much does university cost in Spain?

     Tuition fees in Spain are the lowest university fees in Europe.

    • Tuition fees for Bachelor programs are around 750 EUR to 2,500 EUR per year
    • Tuition fees for Master programs range from 1,000 to 3,500 EUR per year