The UK is one of the best countries to study abroad. The education system is led by innovation and is flexible. This allows the students to focus on their holistic development. This works really well in developing a lifestyle and career that you aspire for. If you decide to study abroad in the UK, you will meet people from all walks of life. It helps learn more about life and experience new things while you work with people from different backgrounds.

The universities of the UK are consistently on top when it comes to ranking. The teaching methodology in the UK allows the students to go beyond learning subject matter out of the course books. The universities in the UK are home to some of the best scholars and academicians. The professors in the universities go above and beyond their line of duty to provide academic support to the students. This will help you evolve as you learn from the best of the best. They make the classrooms come alive and allow interactions among-st students to stimulate the imagination.

If you are planning to study abroad, here are your reasons to pick a university in the UK:

Want to study at the best and renowned universities?

The country is known for its education system and universities. If you decide to pursue any course from the universities in the UK, it will provide weight-age to your Curriculum vitae. Not only fame, the universities are known for their extensive syllabus and academic excellence leading to pave a way for a successful and financially benefiting career path.

The universities and the professors of the country are known to push the students by challenging their creative and thought processes. They allow the class to be participative instead of delivering boring lectures. Due to their revolutionary teaching methods, the education system is famous and followed all over the world for good. Now that you have decided to study abroad you might have the following questions in your mind:

  1. What are the top ranking universities in the UK for international students?
  2. Why should I pursue my higher studies in the UK?
  3. Is it true that the courses in the UK are shorter as compared to other countries?
  4. Are the course structures in the UK flexible?
  5. Is the quality of education higher in the UK?
  6. Would I get a part time job while I study?
  7. Can I have access to health benefits as an international student?
  8. Are international students welcomed in the UK?

List of Universities to Pursue Your Higher Studies

If you wish to study in the top ranking universities, is the UK the right place for you? Read on to know about the top ranking universities in the UK for international students.

1. University of Oxford

The #5 globally ranking university is Oxford with state of the art classrooms and faculties that expose an academic side of you that was not accessible earlier. The university  boasts a total number of 20,000 students with more than 40% of them being international students. The university is the oldest English Speaking university in the world with an impeccable legacy.

2. University of Cambridge

Next comes the University of Cambridge sharing the number 1 at the global ranking. Boasting 100 libraries and 80 sports facility offerings, the university is one of the finest. The six academic schools under the university have around 18,000 students who are offered a plethora of activities and clubs to choose from. They allow the students to work on their hobbies. This gives you the opportunity to come out of your comfort zone and experience new things in a new country.

3. Imperial College London

Imperial College of London ranks #8 following very closely. This college is one of a kind with subjects like medicine, engineering, business, and science. The college offers an education which provides the answers to difficult questions of the world. The college opens up multiple avenues for international students to work with multicultural and multifaceted people in the industry.

4. University College London

Regarded as one of the institutes that imparts quality education to its students, the university ranks 10th on the global ranking. The location of the university in central London is easily accessible. It will make it easier for you to enjoy the English culture and hustle of the city. The international program of the university is the most regarded and considered best in the world.

5. University of Edinburgh

The university’s student population is made up of 30% of international students. It is the home to Nobel prize winners and various great scholars from all over the world. The university has created multiple industry pioneers and has created history multiple times.

Pursue courses with shorter course

The course duration in the UK is shorter and intensive as compared to other countries. It allows you to graduate earlier than your peers without compromising on the quality of the education. The undergraduate course duration is 3 years whereas you can complete your graduate program in just one year. Although the fees of the universities here are slightly higher, you can make up for them as the course duration is shorter. This allows you to save a huge amount of money on the living expenses and tuition fees.

Wish to pursue a course with a flexible syllabus?

The flexibility of the syllabus allows you to explore your hobbies and interests. You can mould your course syllabus as per your lifestyle. This allows you to pick courses and timing that amplifies your career opportunities. This ensures that despite the course being intense the students are allowed to explore opportunities beyond their classrooms to help adjust their perspectives and knowledge. Learning from experience is a far better option than just sticking to course books and stringent class schedules.

Enroll in a Quality education system

The quality of education has been impeccable in the UK since the 13th  and 14th centuries. The legacy of the universities in the UK is strong. Many academicians and scholars come from the famous universities of the country. An independent agency called the Quality Assurance Agency also known as QAA is responsible for checking and maintaining the quality of education across all universities in the country. They audit the quality of education along with highlighting the best case practices followed by each university so that others can adapt. This allows consistency when it comes to maintaining the quality of education.

The course structure and teaching methodology is led by innovation and research. The professors are highly involved in the academics of the students and pick research fellows from the class. This allows students like you to be a part of important findings while you learn actively in classes too.

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Enjoy the perks of part time work allowance

The international students are allowed to work part-time while studying in the UK. This allows you to make a few extra bucks and make you stay sustainable and pocket friendly. Although your living expenses totally depend on the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead and where you choose to stay in the country. Cities by default are more expensive than the countryside. Working part-time also allows you to learn more and gain industry experience. It develops character and work-ethics. You learn to execute tasks and maintain a work-life balance from early on in your student life.

Find an opportunity to Explore Europe

While studying in the country and having a flexible course structure you can very well explore Europe. The UK is well connected with Europe as Netherlands, Belgium and France are the closest with only 300-1000 miles in distance. You can satiate your wanderlust and tick items off your bucket list while you pursue your higher education at your dream university.  Travel helps you learn more about places and cultures making the entire experience an enriching one.

Enjoy the Health benefits provided to International students

As an international student, if you pay the International Health Surcharge (IHS), you will have access to free healthcare. This has been made available for all International students by National Health Services or the NHS. This allows you to take your mind off of small inconveniences and health issues so that you can concentrate better on your education and academics. If you wish to know more about how you can apply for Health benefits, reach out to the experts at Udrus. Their team of experts have ample knowledge on the topic and will help you understand the subject better.

Learn in a Multicultural environment

The UK is multicultural as students from all over the world decide to pursue their study abroad dream in the UK. International students consider the UK to be one of their top choices while planning their education abroad. The UK is the second most popular study destination providing quality education and academic excellence along with stimulating classrooms to students from all over the globe. This amalgamation has allowed the UK to become a multicultural hotspot allowing multicultural conversations. The country is always buzzing with activities which makes it really enjoyable for an international student as well as it gives them an opportunity to learn.

If you have more questions about why you should pursue your higher education from the UK and what all are the requirements, reach out to Udrus. Their team will guide you through the entire admission process and how you can smoothly make the transition. The UK will provide opportunities that will set your career on the right path.

The universities impart knowledge required by you to stand out in a crowd of people and showcase your skills. It is understandable to have multiple queries while you plan your study abroad. We have hence tried to answer the questions that you might be pondering upon. Why waste time wondering where to study when the UK has amazing universities and accepts students with open arms. Apply today and make a career of a lifetime.