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A blocked account or Sperrkonto is a particular bank account with which you can provide evidence of your financial resources during your German Visa interview

Authorised By The German Federal Foreign Office

The blocked account must have sufficient credit to cover the costs arising for the duration of your planned stay in Germany

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The presumed annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa amounts to 10,332€

What is a German Blocked Account?

A German blocked account is a special account, in which the visa applicant needs to transfer at least 10,332 euros in order to prove they have the means to finance themselves throughout the first year of their studies. This amount will be blocked in the bank until the student’s arrival in Germany. FREE STUDY ABROAD CONSULTATION
  • Approved by the Federal Foreign Ministry
  • Fastest Blocked Account Registration
  • Completely Digital with no paperwork
  • Very fast refund process in case of Visa rejection
  • Fully functional web application with self service portal
  • 24/7 online
  • Real time balance check
  • Fund protection guaranteed
Blocked Account Charge – € 75 Buffer Amount – € 90 Monthly Charges – € 5 (billed annually) * No monthly charges on visa rejection
  • All Features of DROP MONEY Blue Account, and…
  • Approved by the Federal Foreign Ministryn
  • Public Health Insurance with BARMER or TK
  • Free ISIC card for entire duration of Blocked Account
  • Free European Current Account exclusively with REVOLUT
  • Fund protection guaranteed
Blocked Account Charge – € 45 Buffer Amount – € 90 Monthly Charges – € 5 (billed annually) * No monthly charges on visa rejection


A German Blocked Account is mandatory for all the aspirants who wish to study in German for any of their preferred programs. It acts as the proof of financial resources meaning that the students have legitimate funds to carry out a living in the country along with their health and travel insurance. From 1 January 2021, the estimated annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa amounts to 10,332 euros out of which the students can only withdraw an amount of 853 euros for their monthly expense until the time they stay in Germany for their degree program.

If you are planning to study in Germany for pursuing your higher studies, then a German Blocked Account is a must. All the international students would require it before moving to the country. You must be very picky while choosing the most trusted source that is legally accredited, 100% secure and proves to be extremely professional with years of experience. One such source is dROP Money that helps overseas aspirants with the opening of a German blocked account with respective categories classified with different layers of benefits emerging from each.

If you wish to send money to a German blocked account, then you must follow some of the easiest steps as envisaged:1. Select the amount in euros that you plan to transfer 2. You are ought to produce some documents namely, valid ID, passport, university acceptance letter, pan card, and blocked account opening letter. With these, you can easily get your money transferred.

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For students coming to Germany for Bachelor or Master Degree or Phd, DROP MONEY Gold is your perfect choice. DROP MONEY Gold is loaded with Free Travel Insurance, Free ISIC Card for the entire duration of your course not just 1st year only. It also has Public Health Insurance from BARMER or TK and Private Health Insurance from Mawista-Allianz (applicable to students over the age of 30 years). Similar to DROP MONEY Blue, the Gold Blocked Account also offers a free Current Account with Revolut, you can open a Revolut account absolutely free, digitally sitting at your home and get your debit card delivered to your residence.

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DROP MONEY Platinum has everything that DROP MONEY Gold offers but as the name suggests it has something special, yes DROP MONEY Platinum comes with a Private Liability Insurance of €50 million, absolutely free. It covers things which are out of your control while you stay in Germany, from theft to accident to third party damage, when you are carrying DROP MONEY Platinum Blocked Account, move worry free and enjoy your stay in Germany without fear of any financial loss, which may occur accidentally.


If your account is frozen because the bank is investigating your transactions, this situation may typically lasts about 10-30 days. But due to no hard-and-fast rules on this, you'd better to take into consideration a longer time.

Embassy or Consulate in Germany doesn't demand the second-year blocked account; however, depending on my experience, they ask for a second-year blocked account when students don't show a proof of their financial resources.

If your documents are in order, the bank sets up a blocked account for you. This costs around €50-150. As soon as your account is ready, you have to deposit at least €10,332 into it. Once you've arrived in Germany, you have to book an appointment in a branch office of your bank.