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The UK is coming up as a new favorite international destination for students who wish to make their academic careers shine. Being home to prestigious universities, the country is home to around 500,000 international students as of the 2018-19 academic year.

An Overview About The Education In United Kingdom

The international students find themselves at ease while studying and earning in the country. The prestigious universities are a legacy of multiple Nobel Prize winners.

The cutting-edge education and innovative course curriculum will provide you the opportunity to explore beyond the pages of the textbooks. The mentors here will help shape your perspectives and provide you with knowledge about every possible topic related to your subjects and beyond.

The universities here provide a 360-degree course curriculum that helps with your career as well as aptitude. They provide you with the holistic and overall development of your personality.

This helps students come out of their comfort zone and achieve what is best suited for them. The education here is practical based instead of theory; students are encouraged to debate and exchange ideas.

The classrooms are a place to exchange ideas and opinions instead of one-way dissemination of information.

Along with the opportunity to study in prestigious institutes with majestic architecture, international students get to avail free healthcare facilities while they study.

After paying the surcharge amount, you will have access to basic healthcare facilities for free. This will help you pay attention to your education better rather than fretting over the costs of sustaining good health.

The community & Culture

The country sees the most international students from China, India, USA, followed by Hong Kong and Malaysia. The international students are accepted in the community with open arms.

Their culture and heritage and their beliefs and practices are also welcomed without any hesitation. The UK has become a cultural amalgamation due to international students migrating here every day.

The opportunity to earn while you learn will open gates of meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas for you. The cross-cultural awakening and education are now being preferred by recruiters globally.

About Visas

International students need to apply for two kinds of visas depending on the duration of their course. The procedure of applying visa is rather rigorous and thus deemed prestigious.

There are tier 4 general and short-term visas to apply for. You need to be above the age of 16 and proficient in the English language in order to make the process smooth. You should apply for the student visa at least 6-8 months before your date of departure as a safe timeline.


The climate in the UK is temperate. The summers are hot and humid whereas the winters are cold and see rain. The seasonal cycle is divided in 4 parts naming: Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Since the UK is geographically located on an island, the country receives heavy rainfall at any given day.

Make sure to keep an umbrella with you at all times. After figuring out all these things, there is still major pieces of information on studying in United Kingdom.

The Answers You’ll Get

If you have queries like the following:

a. What is the detailed document requirement to apply for a visa?
b. Which universities provide scholarships to international students in the UK?
c. How much would my accommodation cost me in the UK?
d. How to save on living expenses while I study in United Kingdom?

Udrus has got all the answers to any query that you have. Reach out to our team of experts and watch the magic unfold as you plan you study abroad in the UK.

Study Cost

Once you receive an acceptance letter, a lot of elements need to be planned, especially your finances and expenditures. Below mentioned is a detailed bifurcation of your financial expenditure as per the course you are going to pursue in the UK:

Expenses Cost (in GBP)
Travel50 GBP
Visa1100 GBP as proof of funds per month
Accommodation400-600 GBP
Tuition feesUndergraduate: 9000- 30000 GBP

Post graduate:12000-36000 GBP

Miscellaneous500 GBP

Tuition Fees

A major chunk of your finances will be spent on your tuition fees. Depending on the course and university you have chosen, your tuition fees will be drawn from your bank account.

For undergraduate students: If you are an undergraduate student, your fees could easily cost you between 8500-9500 GBP and with the higher limit going up to as much as 30000 GBP depending upon the university you have chosen, its location, course structure, and rapport.

For example, London School of Economics charged around 22000 GBP from their international undergraduate students for their first year.

For Master’s students: if you are planning to pursue a degree in arts, you might get the tuition fees on the lighter end. Whereas courses like engineering, medical-clinical, and an MBA will end up costing you more.

ProgramAverage Fees (in GBP)
Doctoral program15,000-30,000
Undergraduate Bachelor Program7,000-25,000
Post graduate master’s program10,000-30,000

There are a plethora of courses for you to choose from when it comes to enrolling in an undergraduate program in the UK. The universities are a bank of knowledge and you can choose from a variety of course structures that suit your plans and career perspectives.

Let us dive deep into the further bifurcation of costs depending upon the course you could be pursuing:

ProgramsAverage fees (In GBP)
Diploma courses10,000-15,000
Nursing courses15,000-18,000
Medicine courses30,000-40,000

The courses are endless to choose from when it comes to pursuing a master’s degree as well from the UK. You can pick from a variety of courses to strengthen your undergraduate degree and build a strong career.

Let us see in detail what are the courses and how much would you need to pay in terms of tuition fees when it comes to studying in a postgraduate program in the UK:

ProgramsAverage Annual Tuition fees (in GBP)
Management courses9,000-35,000
Doctoral degree14,000-18,000

Depending on the location of your university, there could be a difference in the tuition fees you pay, studying in London can be costlier and the living expense will be more as compared to living in other cities and towns.

The course duration in the UK is shorter as compared to other countries so you can save time and money there. It will require 3 years for you to study and complete your undergraduate degree and 1 year for the completion of your master’s degree.

This balances out the duration as the money you have spent on the tuition fees can be saved up in the time you are spending in the university.

The cost of studying in the UK for international students has gradually gone up considerably in the past few years.

The British students and students from the EU still enjoy slightly lesser costs when it comes to paying tuition fees on undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Living Cost

The major requirement of finances for you would be paying your tuition fees which are slightly higher for international students than British students and from the EU.

Your tuition fees depend on the university and course you have chosen to pursue. The cost of living depends on your lifestyle and your city of residence. Let’s have a look at the itinerary you will be spending your money at:

ExpensesCost (in Great Britain Pounds)
Telephone60 GBP
Visa application350 GBP
Clothing50-70 GBP
Housing500 GBP
Food250 GBP
Leisure50 GBP

How to manage your money?

Although it is completely up to you as to how much money you save and spend every month. It is advised to have a financial plan at your disposal especially when you are an international student. There are many ways through which you can save money.

Splitting your accommodation rent is one of them. Make space for roommates and you will save a lot of money on rent. Another great way to save money would be by traveling via public transport; you can also opt for cycling for commuting to a shorter distance.

Subways are the best way to commute as they have vast connectivity. You can always get your monthly pass made for traveling in the tubes and save a lot of expenses.

If you are planning on traveling via taxi, make sure that you have a running and functional meter. If the meter is dysfunctional, decide a price upfront to avoid any surcharge and chaos.

You can prepare a home-cooked meal if you wish to save money by avoiding dining out. This way you can cut down on your expenses. If you have planned your finances well and beforehand, living in the UK seamlessly will not be a problem for you.

Ensuring auditing your finances and keeping a check on your plan and updating it when necessary. Students like yourself pick up part-time jobs to help with their finances.

It will help you earn while you learn. It is a great opportunity for you to interact with different people in your workforce, learn different perspectives, and gain industrial experience. This will help you later when you try to get a job.


The United Kingdom has always been a favorite destination for students planning to study abroad. Every year more than 50,000 students from around the globe visit the UK to enroll in various degrees.

Most universities have residency halls where students can stay. The residence halls are really affordable and offer great space and save utility costs as well. New students mostly take up residence halls to save money and settle in the new environment.

From the second year, students choose to rent a private space or share an apartment with friends. The average cost of living in the UK varies between Euro 4,00, to 6,000 per month. The cost also includes the accommodation charges.

How do you choose your accommodation?

Though the accommodation cost also depends on various factors such as do you live alone, what type of locality you have decided to live at, and how big your rental accommodation is? All these factors play a major role in your accommodation cost. The different types of accommodations in the UK are:

  • Hotels.
  • Bed and Breakfast.
  • Hostels.
  • Motel.
  • Apartments.
  • Home-stays.
  • Campgrounds.

Note: that if you are an international student arriving in the UK for further studies find accommodation for a longer stay and at an affordable cost.

1-One-bedroom Apartment

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center, the rent will be around USD 850 whereas a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around USD 1,200.

2-Three-bedroom Apartment

The three-bedroom apartment outside the city center is USD 1,335 and in the city center at USD 1,650 USD. The cost of residence halls inside the campus is USD 860.

Students who choose to live outside the campus will have to submit a security cost as well. The security deposit of up to 6 weeks or less will be decided by your landlord. Before paying the deposit, ask the landlord or broker about the deposit protection schemes they have implemented.

Meanwhile, the students with a UK guarantor will have to pay 6 months’ rent in advance. Few companies act as a guarantor and charge a small fee. In case you find the information overwhelming, connect with experts at Udrus and get help in finding suitable housing as per your needs, demands, and budget.

One-bedroom apartment in the city centerUSD 1,200
One-bedroom apartment outside the city centerUSD 850
Three-bedroom apartment in the city centerUSD 1,650
Three-bedroom apartment outside the city centerUSD 1,335
Residence hallUSD 860
Social rentersUSD 510
Private rentersUSD 1,002

The United Kingdom has been witnessing the influx of international students for a long time and so people from all ethnicity and cultures are accepted with open arms. A lot of residents have put up their houses for rent for only students and at an extremely affordable fee.

You can either take the help of an expert or go out to find suitable accommodation within your budget by connecting with locals which will be fruitful but extremely exhausting.


Home to the world’s oldest and best ranking universities, every international student dreams of enrolling in UK universities to secure their future. In 2021, 29 UK Universities were in top 500 universities ranked by QS World University Rankings. The British Universities have set a benchmark for other universities. The quality of education offered in these academic institutions are top-notch. Maximum universities offer career support as well to help students earn extra credits and money to support their education and lifestyle. Here we have gathered a list of top UK universities to help you make your decision for enrolment.

1-University of Law

The unparalleled quality of education from this university is known to have reproduced excellent scholars and professionals in the field. Being one of the most respected universities in the country, the popularity of this university is off the charts.

The course structure of the university equips students like yourself with immense knowledge, understanding comprehension of subjects, rules, and regulations of law. Your abilities will speak for themselves since you acquire valuable skills and the analytical ability you learn here as a professional.

Situated in Guildford in England, the average tuition fee of studying here is approximately 10,000 GBP.

2-University of Leeds

With more than 200 undergraduate courses and 300 postgraduate courses, the university has more to offer than you can dream of. The student body of the university boasts of 9000 international students representing more than 160 countries.

  • Their diversity is one thing they are most proud of.
  • The acceptance rate of the international students in the university faces moderate competition with more than 60% of acceptance rate.
  • The average fees range from 17,000 GBP – 22,000 GBP while the living and other expenses will amount to 7,000 GBP.

Udrus can help you understand how you can apply for a scholarship to make it easier on your finances. Reach out to their team of experts and get all the help you need, today.

The official website is here

3-University of Buckingham

Situated in nature’s lap and surrounded by pristine natural beauty and wildlife, is another popular study destination for international students.

  • There are a lot of students studying here who have moved from different countries.
  • The university equips the students with critical and analytical thinking capacity to help build an advanced career as compared to their peers.
  • Offering top and quality education along with the ability to show leadership in the professional front, the MBA program here costs 14,000-17,000 GBP and undergraduate programs cost around 15,000 GBP for business and science studies.
  • Opt for this university if you wish to study in Buckingham, surrounded by nature and castles.

Visit the official website of the University of Buckingham

4-Regent’s University London

This university ranks higher at the national university index allowing it to be one of the top choices for international students to pursue their studies here.

  • Boasting a plethora of study modules and practices, degree courses, and opportunities for the students to get employed, this university has a stellar rapport.
  • The sizable number of international students creates the space for students to learn from each other as well as the prestigious faculty here.
  • The university is situated in London and has a higher living and fees cost structure.
  • An undergraduate degree might cost you around 22,000-25,000 GBP.
  • The tuition may vary as per your chosen course and accommodation type.

The official website is here

5-St. Mary’s University

It is one of the most reputed private universities of the UK offering a plethora of course options to the international student to choose from.

  • Their course structure takes you beyond the lessons of textbooks and into the practicality of the professional field you have chosen to build your career in.
  • It provides a more holistic and fulfilling academia to the students while giving more than lessons on the course.
  • Situated in London, the course fees and living expenses will cost you more.
  • The average tuition fee here is 13,000-14,000 GBP across the undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Udrus can help you understand your study options and scholarships better. Contact the experts today.

Here is the website: St. Mary’s University

6-University of South Wales

The University of South Wales was established in 2013.

  • More than 500 courses are offered to students hailing from different parts of the world.
  • The university campus is situated at four different locations which are Dubai, Pontypridd, Newport, and Cardiff.
  • The university also offers scholarships, grants and bursaries to eligible students in different fields.
  • Strong placement support helps students in landing great job offers in their first attempts to start a successful and rewarding future.
  • The university is in close proximity with the best companies in the world which helps in better networking with interesting professionals with great resources.
  • As an international student, the University of South Wales can turn out to be the best opportunity for you to study in United Kingdom.

The official website is here

7-Durham University

One of the renowned International study centers, the university gives you the opportunity to interact with brilliant minds while you complete your graduation and post-graduation from the university.

  • The course curriculum allows you to spread your wings and go beyond the knowledge of textbook learning.
  • With a practical study module at your disposal, you learn more and adapt better to the professional field they have opted for to work in.
  • With cutting-edge learning material and innovation in teaching methods the whole class transforms and goes beyond the boundaries of pen paper.
  • You get to study at one of the most historic universities and feel a sense of belonging which helps you get out of your comfort zone.
  • The average fees here will cost you between 9,000- 25,000 GBP depending on the course that you have opted for.
  • You can connect with Udrus today to understand which course is best suited for your career choices.
  • Their experts will guide you at every step of the way.

The official website is here

8-University of Oxford

One of the best universities in the world, the University of Oxford is a dream come true for every international student around the globe.

  • The university houses more than 10,000 international students enrolled in various programs.
  • The university is ranked number 1 by Times Higher Education.
  • More than 50 undergraduate, 350+ graduate, and 250+ postgraduate courses are offered via 45+ faculties.
  • The admission policy is highly selective and the acceptance rate is only 15% which means you’ll have to be exceptional to be eligible to get an invitation letter from the University of Oxford.

To get admission to the University of Oxford, connect with Udrus today and get all the help you can.

The official website is here

9-Imperial College of London

Established in 1907, this university is home to students from more than 120 countries. The leading university in research, technology, and medicine, the university is an enigma.

  • One of the top universities when it comes to student choices from all over the world, the university is home to more than 50% non- British and 30% non-EU students.
  • With more than 100 undergraduate courses and 150 postgraduate courses at your disposal along with the most prestigious faculty, your mind is constantly challenged to evolve and become better at what you are aiming to become.
  • To make it easier on your pocket, the university provides many scholarships to international students so that education is accessible to one and all.
  • Example of an exemplary course curriculum and teaching method, your employ-ability increases manifolds.
  • The average salary of the students passing from this college is higher than other college alumni.
  • It gives you a head-start in life when it comes to your contemporaries.
  • Home to world-class researchers and various Nobel Laureates, the classrooms here themselves will be an inspiration for you to achieve and aspire more in your life.
  • The bachelor’s degree will cost you around 20,000-30,000 GBP and masters’ will cost you 33,000-35,000 GBP.

Visit the University’s website from here

Study Visa

There are two types of international student visas in the UK mandatory to procure while arriving in the country to pursue higher education. The type of visa depends on the duration, of course, you are applying for. Having a UK visa is not easy as the process is rigorous which is why it is considered extremely prestigious. There are short-term and Tier 4 general student visas. You can apply for the visa if you are above 16 years of age. Conditions to apply for a student visa in the UK-

  • If you are invited for a course by a licensed student sponsor
  • Have a stable income and finance to support yourself and pay the full fee of your course.
  • Clear the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE course or have any proof to show your English language proficiency.
  • Have your parents or guardian consent in evidence

Procedure To Apply For A Student Visa

Step 1- Acceptance letter from a government accepted university

If you wish to apply for a student visa you’ll have to get accepted into a UK university first. You cannot apply for a student visa and then visit the country and apply for a college or university. Find the best universities in the UK in our list below.

Step 2- Check whether you require a visa or not

After Brexit, there has been a lot of confusion, especially for international students. Here’s a little clarity for students from different nationalities-

EEA/EU and Swiss Students

  • If you arrive in the UK after 31st December 2020, you need a student visa.
  • You will have to apply for a student settlement scheme if you are studying in the UK after 1st Jan 2021 to continue your education.
  • If you are from Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein, check the regulations in your country before applying for a visa.

Non-EEA/EU students

All the non-EEA and EU students will have to apply for a student visa to be eligible to study in United Kingdom. Apply for either a short-term or Tier 4 visa depending upon the length of your course.

Where And When To Apply For The Visa?

There are two options for you to get your visa-

  1. You can directly apply at the UK Embassy in your country.
  2. You can apply for a visa online by visiting the official site of the UK government.

You might have to appear at your visa application center to submit your bio-metric and fingerprints and photographs to receive a bio-metric residence permit which is a part of your application.

Language Requirement To Study In United Kingdom

To take admission and the UK visa you’ll have to prove that you have efficient knowledge of the English language. You will either have to pass a high score in SELT or meet level 2 of CEFR language proficiency if you are applying for a course to study at a higher level. You might also have to appear for IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, which is the one or documents to prove your language proficiency.

Documents required to apply for a visa

  • Visa application form- fill out all the details correctly.
  • Valid passport or travel documents
  • 2 passport-sized photographs with your clearly visible face
  • Financial proof to show you are able to support yourself in the UK
  • Documented consent signed by parents if you are under 18
  • Medical test (Tuberculosis test for certain countries)
  • University acceptance letter
  • Letter of intent to return to your country upon completion of studies
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Immigration health surcharge
  • Self-assessment form Appendix 8
  • Additional documents in case required
  • Transcripts of all the documents are attached with Appendix 8 if they are not in English.

Student Visa Fees

The fees for Tier 4 visa is USD 440 and the additional fee of USD 402 if any dependant is traveling along with you. The short-term study visa costs around USD 120 for the six-month visa. If you wish to stay for 12 months, you’ll have to pay USD 240. Don’t forget to keep the fee receipt with you to present it.

Healthcare Surcharges

The healthcare surcharges are USD 300 per annum for you to be eligible to access the National Health Services. The fee has increased after the UK left the European Union.

Visa Processing Duration

If you are applying for a Tier 4 general student visa, you should start the process 6 months before your university joining date. The processing takes around 3 weeks if all your documents are verified and accepted without any discrepancies.

Traveling With A Dependent

If you are traveling with a dependent to the UK, they must apply for an Entry Clearance conducted by the British Authorities. Each dependent will have to submit a separate application to obtain permission. Only spouse, civil partner, children, or unmarried partner are allowed to travel as a dependent. If your parents are visiting with you they should provide a compelling reason on why they are traveling with you to the UK. There is a separate category of Dependent visas which your family will have to apply for. In case you are facing any difficulties, you can contact our visa experts at Udrus to take help in applying for a visa for yourself or your family.


The United Kingdom is gradually becoming the world leader in many spheres of education. The country has created a legacy in quality education that is respected around the world. It attracts more than 600,000 international students every year. The courses offered at the Universities range between several study fields and specializations. Housing some of the world’s best and oldest universities, the UK has emerged as one of the most desired study destinations for international students. A lot of these universities are known to have the lowest acceptance rate, and hence it becomes of utmost importance to know the entry requirements. Being on top of this information is necessary so you can apply in time.

The requirements for applying

Let us cover the entry requirements to study in United Kingdom:

1-Certificates of 10+2 from a recognized educational institute:

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, this is a mandatory document for you. These mark sheets would serve as proof of this education and also the score. The score criteria vary between universities, programs, and locations.

2-Proof of other academic certifications:

In case you are applying for a post-graduate program, you would be required to present proof of your previously acquired education.

3-Bank statements:

Proof of your available funds is required by many educational institutions to filter out any students who fail to meet the financial criteria of the university. Make sure you keep your or your parent’s recent bank statements ready with you.

4-Arrange for accommodation in the UK:

Some universities may also ask you to present proof of your accommodation once you arrive in the UK. Many student accommodation websites can connect you with people from your home country living in the UK.

5-Language proficiency certificate:

English is the official language of the UK. While the locals also speak Irish, Scots, and other local languages, all education is widely imparted in English.

With that said, you would need to provide proof of your understanding of the language. IELTS or TOEFL are the most popular language proficiency tests and are accepted all around the globe including the UK.


This small piece of the document serves various purposes. This can let your university verify your identity sitting from half a world across from you. Hence, you need to provide a valid, updated passport to the university.

7-Key phone number and addresses:

While applying to the university of your choice, make sure you put valid details. This would serve as a portal for the educational institute to contact you, in case you are selected or to inform you about any further rounds. Failing to do this might cost you your selection.

8-Invitation from the university:

Once you have applied to your prospects, you must be able to present your admission offer letter from the university.

9-Medical records:

Many universities will ask you to undergo certain medical tests depending upon the program you are applying for. This is done so as to be certain that you can physically fit to survive in the country and acquire the degree you intend to.

10-Medical prescriptions:

You might also be asked to mention any medical conditions you have. This lets the universities filter out any students who don’t comply with the physically fit criteria for a specific program.

11-Converted currency:

Gone are the days when exchanging currencies was a matter of days. Now you can do that in the comfort of your home, thanks to the internet. When moving to a different country, it is advisable you convert your money to their currency.

This will also keep you on top of your expenses since you wouldn’t need to convert every time you need to make a payment.


Make sure you have some professional headshots clicked well in advance before applying to a university in the UK. Keep several copies with you even after the process is done.

13-Clothes as per the weather of residence:

A less talked but very important aspect to keep in mind. If you are coming from a warm or moderate country, you would want to pack some warm clothes with you to sustain the cold in the UK.

While the weather is not extreme, however, the shift in temperature from your country might be evident, so be ready with the garments according to your body sensitivity.

14-Statement of Purpose:

This document is required for almost all study abroad programs. It deals with your professional and academic interests along with your previous achievements. You would want to tell the university about your future aspirations relating to the course you are applying for.

Make sure you stand yourself out of the crowd and highlight everything that will give you an upper hand at being selected.

15-Letter of recommendation:

Most Universities would value your Letter of Recommendation(LORs). This will give them an insight about you directly from someone who has either worked with you or has taught you as a professor.

A LOR catalyzes the process of your selection and will definitely help you gain weight-age among other international students. Make a point to collect this from a previous employer or professor who can give positive feedback about you.

16-Curriculum Vitae:

A detailed resume is recommended to showcase your experience, especially if you are applying for a post-graduate program. Make sure you smartly prioritize all your academic achievements and experience that directly relate to your program at hand.

17-Student Visa:

A student visa is an endorsement that permits you to study in United Kingdom. If you are a student seeking to study in United Kingdom, make sure you get in touch with an Embassy in your home country as soon as you get your admission letter from your desired university.

18-CAS Letter:

This is your offer letter from your University. It is issued electronically and is treated on a first-come, first-serve basis. It contains a unique license number that indicates your acceptance at the university.

It also includes a deposit amount which is later adjusted in your first-year fees. However, make sure you make this payment before applying for a student visa.

All the documents mentioned above are needed to move ahead in the process. Make sure you are prepared with the most of the above well in advance to successfully secure your seat at your dream university.

Why Study In United Kingdom

The UK has come up as one of the favorite international study destinations for the last decade. The country was home to 500,000 international students in the year 2019.

Home to ancient and majestic architecture, the country is the home to the oldest universities. The universities in the country date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The education system of the country is built on the pride of the legacy that has stood the test of time.

If you are an international student who is looking forward to studying abroad, the UK should be on the list due to the following reasons:

Top Reasons To Study In United Kingdom

1. Academic Excellence

As per the QS World ranking 2019, 4 out of the 10 best universities are in the UK. The standard of academics in the country is impeccable.

International students come to the country to study in the likes of Cambridge and Oxford. The preference is given to practical knowledge rather than book and course-related knowledge.

The curriculum allows you to develop cultural understanding beyond the pages of your textbooks. It also helps you to inculcate analytical skills. This knowledge will help you navigate better in both your personal and professional life.

2. Short Course Duration

The course structure of the universities in the country is shorter than in other countries. You will get to finish your degree before your peers and get a head start in your career.

A shorter course duration does not mean that you will need to compromise on the quality of the education. While you can finish your undergraduate degree in three years, you can be done with your graduate degree in just one year.

This course structure not only saves your time but also the tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.

3. Quality Education

The UK has its agency which checks and audits the universities’ courses and standards of teaching. The Quality Assurance Agency is responsible for examining and highlighting the best case practices of the education and institution.

It helps the students find out the best-suited university for their plan and build a strong career. The QAA is an independent body that checks the performance of the educational institutes through review of subjects and audits.

4. Health Benefits

If you are willing to pay International Health Surcharge (IHS), you can enjoy free healthcare in the country.

The National Health Services gives access to the international students with free healthcare while they study in United Kingdom if they have paid the IHS.

This allows the students to worry less about health expenses. If you wish to collect more information on the topic, Uterus can help you guide better. Their experts are equipped with the knowledge you need on every topic.

5. Explore Europe

With the airport being functional 24 hours of every day, you have the liberty to fly out of the country anytime. Belgium, Netherlands, and France are the closest European countries with 1000 miles of the UK. If you wish to explore Europe while you study in United Kingdom, you have all the means.

This will give you the opportunity to tick off a few beautiful destinations from your to-visit list and help you gain more knowledge about these places. You will also get to learn new languages and meet new people which is an adventure in itself.