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Germany is one of the most enviable picks in the list of medical universities that have been the roadmap to excellent exposures for medical aspirants worldwide. With affordable living and tuition costs, Germany has gained momentum in offering successive medical education to its students in German, there a plethora of good reasons why you can opt for medicine in Germany, Apply now.

Slovakia is bordered by Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary in central Europe. Since 2004, Slovakia has been a member of the European Union. It is the most popular city to study medicine for international students who must be prepared for a tenure of 6 years classified further into 12 semesters. The degrees here are taught in English, Let's explore. Apply Now.

If you are looking forward to studying medicine in Latvia, then you have made the right decision. Not for the beautiful landscape and awe-aspiring exposures only, but Latvia has made some wonderful contributions to the quality medical study. The popular universities for medicine in Latvia have made their mark in history. Apply Now.

Hungary, and particularly Budapest, its capital, is an excellent place to study medicine in Europe. The beautiful thing about medical degrees earned in Hungary is that they are recognized throughout the European Union, the United States, and many other countries around the world International students can choose from four excellent universities to study medicine in Hungary in English. Apply Now.

Medicine is one degree respected and highly valued around the globe. The degree trains to master the science of human anatomy and diagnose, prevent, and cure diseases. If you are someone planning to study medicine, the Czech Republic will prove to be the best international destination. The universities offer medical programs in the English language, and the degrees are recognized internationally. Apply Now.

Lithuania is one the best destinations to study medicine Europe, medicine is one of the most sought-after careers in the world. The profession is highly respected and requires immense training. If you wish to gain expertise in the field by pursuing the study of medicine, Lithuania is the place for you. Read on to know how you can find your dream medical degree and university in Lithuania. Here you will find the right set of knowledge and expertise. Apply Now.

The Republic of Cyprus is known for its incredible natural beauty, and rich produce. That’s not all, there’s more. Accessible medicine study programs for international students and practical oriented curriculum make the country an extraordinary study destination. Cyprus hosts some of the leading medical institutes in Europe. If you aspire to become a medical practitioner, Cyprus is a strong study destination to consider. Let's explore some of the top medical schools. Apply Now.

Do you wish to study MBBS abroad? Do you dream to become a doctor ,saving lives and working for the betterment of society? Then Romania is your best option to pursue a medical science degree. Romania is one of the best European countries offering excellent education quality. The degrees here are taught in English, Romanian and French language. Affordable tuition fees, inexpensive cost of living, and highly-experienced faculties makes it a favourite study abroad destination amongst international students. Apply Now.

Study medicine abroad

Whether Bratislava, Riga, Budapest or another university in Europe - the curricula follow an EU-wide standard and are recognized worldwide. Studying medicine abroad and completing specialist training in your home country is therefore already a common practice. Thus, in addition to the fully realized and excellent medical training, you also enjoy the advantage of gaining new experience and building an extensive network in many countries around the world.

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But how do I find the right university, and what do I need for registration? Udrus takes over. An experienced team takes care of the application process and provides materials for any entrance exams. If the admission is successful, Udrus also offers on-site support, from looking for an apartment to help with technical questions. After graduation, our team will also help you find a job at clinics in Germany or Austria because Udrus supports you in becoming a doctor.